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What is the On-Set Film Class?

In the On-Set Film Class, you and your Instructor/Director Anthony Michael will develop original scenes using improv. Anthony will then write an original screenplay / script for you and your acting partner to rehearse and master. A date and location is chosen. Then the fun begins! You and your acting partner are given a call sheet showing you when and where to show up. Anthony and his camera crew / team will shoot your 3 to 8 minute scene, and by the way, in one On-Set Class you will do TWO scenes, that's right! TWO 3 to 8 minute scenes.

Some Facts about the class

  • All scenes are shot on a Red Dragon Camera.
  • Our Camera/DP Operator has over 25 years experience.
  • We use over $125,000 worth of lenses and equipment to make you look great on film.
  • This class will help you with improv, get you on-set experience, and put you on the BIG SCREEN!
  • After every on-set class is finished, the guys at Blank Stage break out the 4K projector with a 16' by 10' screen, and schedule a viewing of the on-set scenes


  • Not only to you receive two 3 to 8 minute scenes professionally edited, you also receive a 2 minute demo reel to add to your Actor Access, and social media accounts.
  • This class is for the beginning actor, or an actor with an IMDb
  • This will get you noticed by casting directors, and more importantly, get you WORK!

Check out some of the scenes from prior classes!....

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