All of Blank Stage Acting Studio Memberships are continuous on-going monthly memberships. Your 1st payment will depend on which Membership you choose.

Blank Stage Acting Studios hosts the Get Connected networking events with Autumn Bailey Entertainment, routinely invites industry guests to provide fresh insights from working actors, filmmakers and producers.

The studio works with various members in creating showcase events, special screenings, member nights, improv and stand-up comedy events, Toastmaster meetings and more.

The studio brings out agents to the studio for new actors who are seeking representation. This past year Blank Stage hosted Barbara from East Coast Talent, Jacob from Privilege Talent, Lora from Classic Talent Agency and Gina from MI Talent.


MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM: Our Membership Program is geared towards the serious actor who wishes to take advantage of the benefits offered by the studio. A brief description of each benefit is laid out below.

Attend Acting Class: At Blank Stage Studios we offer several different classes the actor can choose from our class schedule. Membership includes one acting class per week. 

Coached Auditions: A full member will receive one hour of FREE coached audition tapings per month. We keep track of your time spent in the audition room, so it could mean 3 free auditions per month assuming they were 20 minutes a piece.

Published video class work: Periodically Blank Stage will record class work, (taped monologues, scene work, mock auditions, cold reads, improve scenes, etc.) We will upload and archive the members work online where the actor will be able to download their footage.

Ongoing Head-shots: As a Member, you will receive professional in house studio head-shots up to every 3 months. This helps when you need a different look or change your hairstyle!

One FREE Workshop per Month: We provide our Members a business workshop each month. There will be various topics covered including, financial responsibility, social media marketing, branding, relationship building, and more.

Acting is Feeling Alive

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Steve Henderson is a 25 year voice over veteran who specializes in Promo, Commercial, Narration, and Character voice over.  He is a current member of the World Voices Organization, and Global Voice Academy.  His clients include NASCAR, Cartoon Network, The Inspiration Network, Chik-fil-a, UPS, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Primerica, Georgia-Pacific and many more.

On-camera acting class

Alpha Trivette is a lifelong entertainer whose career has spanned from acting to headlining standup comic to 25 years as a morning radio personality and now back to acting.He has an impressive range as a character actor as his major film and network TV roles prove: from decisive court judges in Drop Dead Diva and Tom Cruise’s American Made to an Amish Elder in Banshee on Cinemax and a doctor suffering dementia in Tyler Perry’s Too Close To Home, Alpha delivers strong, believable performances.


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This is a five week intensive course. Actors will create two three to five minute scenes. These scenes will then be turned into a two minute demo reel showcasing your skills as an actor.

Check out some of the work below.

Cost for this class $800.00

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