Our Approach

We look at each acting student differently. Each student is unique and will learn the craft in a different way. We keep our class size down to 15 students which allows us to give each student the individual attention required to master their craft. Our training techniques are constantly evolving to keep up with the demands of the industry. We consult with casting directors, talent agency owners, industry leaders and filmmakers to enhance our curriculum. Our 36-week curriculum program includes industry on set simulation, improvisation for film, character analysis, monologue mastery, the screenwriter archetype series... just to name a few. Classwork is filmed then reviewed on a 70 4k monitor for training and showcase purposes. Film & Television is our focus, not just to train, but to get actors booked!

Meet the Team

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. The team at Blank Stage Acting Studios is 100% committed to helping you achieve that excellence.

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Brent Brooks


A Georgia native Brent has lived and breathed the creative arts from the very beginning. Brent's late father, James Brad Brooks, bought him a VHS Hitachi camera in 8th grade and he has really never looked back. Brent used that camera practically every day until college where Brent took his first improv class at Ga. State with instructor Robert Lowe.  Brent later directed three independent films (The Gallen Challenge, Art of Suicide & Between Love & a Hard Place), countless short films, worked as a creative commercial director and videographer. Brent is the co-founder of Get Connected, founded the Blank Page Screenwriting Group,  started and performed in countless long form improv shows and troupes, and has helped countless actors train, get representation and book roles in his tenure. Currently Brent teaches audition technique and improv for film & television at the studio in all age groups, he loves to organize the live showcases for the studio, helps filmmakers and casting directors find talent, conduct table reads and works with various agencies on talent acquisition and numerous audition tapings. Brent works closely with his wife Lili and his amazing staff helping set the vision of the studio. Onward & upward!


Lilian Brooks


Lilian is an award winning actress and screenwriter. Lili brings a deep sense of truth and passion to her work. Having studied acting in Mexico and later in the States Lili brings her experience to the classroom. She operates many aspects of the film & television industry event "Get Connected" with her husband and partner Autumn Bailey.


Alpha Trivette

Acting Teacher
Mondays, 7:45-10:15

Alpha Trivette is a lifelong entertainer whose career has spanned from acting to headlining standup comic to 25 years as a morning radio personality and now back to acting.

He has an impressive range as a character actor as his major film and network TV roles prove: from decisive court judges in Drop Dead Diva and Tom Cruise’s American Made to an Amish Elder in Banshee on Cinemax and a doctor suffering dementia in Tyler Perry’s Too Close To Home, Alpha delivers strong, believable performances.

David A. Cox

Meisner Teacher
Tuesdays, 11:30am - 2:30pm

David is one of the few living teachers who studied directly with with renowned acting instructor Sanford Meisner during his prime.  David was invited back by Sanford to participate in year two and year three of his training program where he learned incredible techniques and countless insights. David brings his years of acting training, life experiences to Blank Stage. In both LA and New York David created countless live theatrical performances and platforms for working actors to showcase their talents. David shares a deep passion for this treasured craft and has an awesome track record for booking actors.

Steve Henderson

Voice-Over Teacher
Thursdays, 7:30pm-10:00pm

Steve Henderson is a 25 year voice over veteran who specializes in Promo, Commercial, Narration, and Character voice over.  He is a current member of the World Voices Organization, and Global Voice Academy.  His clients include NASCAR, Cartoon Network, The Inspiration Network, Chik-fil-a, UPS, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Primerica, Georgia-Pacific and many more.



Logan Thomas Stewart

Event Coordinator  

Brent's nephew, Logan Stewart, is a working musician in both the Atlanta and Savannah market. He has grown up watching the evolution of Blank Stage and is excited to become a part of the team! He is passionate about his music, from covers to original songs, and wants to bring local bands in to have an opportunity to shine on our stage during music nights.

His role will help fill the new performance hall with the sounds of Woodstock. Logan is now accepting inquiries for live performances at Blank Stage.

Please contact Logan for opportunities to perform: 678.756.7263


Rachel Stewart

Blank Stage Secretary   

Brent's niece, Rachel Stewart, is excited to now be a part of the Blank Stage family! From crazy family retreats, gatherings and attending Blank Stage events over the years, she watched the growth of the studio from almost the beginning stages. Her creative drive has motivated her to be herself over the years, and now she's looking to bring that to the Blank Stage. Her passion includes attending events like Momocon and DragonCon, bringing characters to life with costumes and make-up.

Her work here will include answering the studio phone, scheduling auditions, coordinating events, workshops and day-to-day operations.