Hold on tight everyone! Blank Stage Actors Studio is undergoing through a massive update. Drum roll please... WE ARE MOVING LOCATIONS! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! This is SO EXCITING!

With the move we will be able to serve the actor more effectively. Help meet the demands, the challenges the actor faces in so many new & exciting ways.  The ADDRESS is 9533 Main Street, Woodstock Ga. 30188 placing our studio in an ideal location closer off the main expressway (I-575) and next door to the historic downtown Woodstock district. We just LOVE it downtown and to all our friends we say hello and welcome ways we can all help each other. The location was the former home to Nutin' But Fun a family friendly arcade where families would come and have birthday parties or just come to have some fun. The physical space just went through massive renovations. A brand new "green" HVAC system throughout, newly installed electrical, new plumbing and a brand new sprinkler system installed.  We are repurposing the space for TWO new SOUNDPROOF taping rooms, two of them with updated lighting, sound, backdrop and edit bays. A dedicated HEADSHOT room for house photographers use & guest photographers.

THREE dedicated, state of the art teaching spaces for multiple classes allowing both teachers and actors to gather before and after classes to bolster communication leading to the sharing of opportunities, studio updates in and about the studio. Casting rooms will now feature quiet waiting rooms and casting spaces designed with the audition in mind, both for internal showcases and outside casting. The NEW "blank" stage is being crafted by our friends at the TABLE STORE who just wrapped design and manufacture work for the touring show "HAMILTON". The outside awning will allow for actors the perfect spot to get away to work on lines for audition or to prepare for class scene work.

The entire space is 16,000 square feet. The studio will be divided up between Blank Stage and The Table Store. As Blank Stage grows we will have the space to move into. Our showcase happening on the 31st of August will be our very first event where we welcome Atlanta's Casting Director Cheryl Louden-Kubin, Talent Direct Theatrical Agent Carol Shaginaw, Frederick Taylor owner of Tomorrow Pictures, working actress & headshot photographer Karen Valero, award winning independent filmmaker Byron Erwin plus many others. 

Down the road look for live performances from our studio players, live music, lecture series as well as screenings from some of our extremely talented filmmakers we have here in Woodstock and beyond. We are also expanding our roster of teachers and offerings as we explore the opportunity the new venue lends as well as the support our upper management provides. Legendary acting teacher David Cox who studied under Sanford Meisner continues to his classes grow as his students are getting more work. Our amazing voice-over teacher Steve Henderson welcomes agent Jeffrey Umberger to the studio next month to see our students work. We welcome back working actor Alpha Trivette to the studio who returns from a busy summer. We also have some very exciting open workshops coming up with writer/producer Ken Feinberg, True Detective's Drew Waters and Fireproof's Erin Bethea.

While we are all excited about the changes here we are even more focused on the extremely hard work ahead. The industry is ever changing. It's so hard to keep up! The expectations of the actor are shifting, more demanding. The projects are expanding as the time it takes to turn in auditions seem to be shortening. We are connecting with many exciting clients of our own. In fact we just completed an internal casting for vLink and their client, Google Jamboard with talk of many more projects to come. It's a very exciting time but we want all of our actors to understand it's about doing the work. Doing the homework. Preparing for each and every opportunity that presents itself to you. A combination of creativity and discipline. let's work. 

Lilian & Brent Brooks


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We train preteen, teen and adult actors in the film & television industry. Our main focus is the use of imagination into the actor's work. We believe that imagination combined with high principles lead to the creation of the whole and happy actor. We groom the serious minded actor, focused on a long career in the industry by developing both the creative and the business realms of the mind. We work hard with local agencies, casting directors, indie filmmakers, local producers and creative minds who frequent the studio and attend our showcases. We believe in putting the actor on camera, using current screenwriting methodologies to breakdown scripts and we are constantly challenging our actors with complex improv designed for the modern day film & television actor. We are always adding to the website so come back and check in with us at any time.

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Acting Training / Classes

Blank Stage Acting Studios

Every week we challenge the imagination, use all five senses, apply the knowledge from the greats, work to create original characters, memorize difficult scripts for cold reads, conduct mock auditions, and learn how to understand this industry that is always in a state of flux. We use our network to attract great opportunities to connect our actors with working industry professionals.

Blank Stage Productions

We are Making Movies

The Blank Stage team will be producing shorts and feature films, giving our actors the opportunity to audition and create content for demo reels and potentially earn some extra money. We are committed to not only train our actors to give great performances on screen, but we want to create opportunities for you as well.

Taping Services

Blank Stage Taping Room Services

We like to call our taping rooms, "The Actor's Portal"... to transport the actor's imagination to a unique space and time. At Blank Stage we work the actor, coach and review each take. We take the time and use our training and our experience to give each actor the self confidence needed to make each audition its best.


Voice-Over Class

In this class, we will discuss the voice over industry and what you need to do to get prepared to join it, along with different kinds of voice over work and how to determine what is going to be right for you! Steve will be there to critique and you will get a chance to be able to read in front of him, along with learning some resources to help you get ahead. He will also teach you how to avoid common mistakes made by the new voice actors in the industry.

Training at Blank Stage Acting Studios

Here at Blank Stage Acting Studios, we all take one thing very seriously. Our acting training.
Every week we challenge the imagination, use all five senses, apply the knowledge from the greats, work to create original characters, memorize difficult scripts for cold reads, conduct mock auditions, and learn how to understand this industry that is always in a state of flux. We use our network to attract great opportunities to connect our actors with working industry professionals.

There is the training side but also the business aspect. Today's actor has to learn and master both sides. We find many actors have an incredible passion for the craft but both parents and the adult actor are lost when getting started. How to best use all the many online industry tools, finding the places to discover auditions and ways to position yourself using the best of social media. We cover it all with our ongoing training program and in-house workshops! Helping both sides of the actor's mindset, both the creative and the business.

Blank Stage Acting Studios, come play a role and ignite your imagination!

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We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about our studio, teachers, and our classes to come and audit a class. To schedule a FREE audit, please click to fill out the form.