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We train preteen, teen and adult actors in the film & television industry. Our main focus is the use of imagination into the actor's work. We believe that imagination combined with foundations acting principles, lead to the creation of the whole and happy actor. We train the serious minded actor who is focused on a long career in the industry by developing both the creative and business realms of the mind. We work hard with local agencies, casting directors, indie filmmakers, local producers and creative minds who frequent the studio and attend our showcases. We believe in putting the actor on camera, using current screenwriting methodologies to breakdown scripts and we are constantly challenging our actors with complex improv designed for the modern day film & television actor. We are always adding to the website so come back and check in with us at any time.

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In this improv exercise we asked our actors to justify the two actors sitting behind them while addressing the actor before them.

It was a lot of fun!

In addition to these fun challenges we train the actor in the art of long formation storytelling through the monomyth. The monomyth is the term for the treasured story structure we find in ancient cave drawings all the way to modern day films. The monomyth implies there is really "One story" and aids the actor who seeks to break down the script, tap into the universal struggles of the human condition and can bring a real sense of mythos into their work. For us here it's a lifelong study.  The use of the main archetypes inherently found in the teachings of the monomyth sets up the actor beautifully. We often cycle through the archetypes here in our monday night improv classes. This work and the in-depth discussions therein we have seen deepen the actors passion of the craft. 

Training at Blank Stage Actors Studio

Here at Blank Stage Actors Studio, we all take one thing very seriously. Our acting training.
Every week we challenge the imagination, use all five senses, apply the knowledge from the greats, work to create original characters, memorize difficult scripts for cold reads, conduct mock auditions, and learn how to understand this industry that is always in a state of flux. We use our network to attract great opportunities to connect our actors with working industry professionals.

There is the training side but also the business aspect. Today's actor has to learn and master both sides. We find many actors have an incredible passion for the craft but both parents and the adult actor are lost when getting started. How to best use all the many online industry tools, finding the places to discover auditions and ways to position yourself using the best of social media. We cover it all with our ongoing training program and in-house workshops! Helping both sides of the actor's mindset, both the creative and the business.

Blank Stage Actors Studio, come play a role and ignite your imagination!